How to Beat the One-arm Bandit

 To make it really brief, the answer to that question would be: you can’t. Every slot machine, whether a real casino-based or an online one, features a house edge which induces a house drop. To beat that in the long-run is impossible. There is definitely no sure-fire way to beat the bandits, but with all that, you can still make your time spent in the casino playing these machines more enjoyable and possibly more rewarding as well. For starters: try not to focus on profits so much. Just enjoy yourself and if you happen to win, view it as a bonus.

Steer well clear of the various slots systems that folks try to sell to you online. There’s no system that’s going to work on slots. The above said house edge is there to stay, regardless of what sort of baloney some people decide to sell you on the internet for a few bucks. The RNG of the game cannot be fooled, and it will not be influenced by any outside action.

Set a bankroll for every slot session that you intend to play. By having such a fixed bankroll, you’ll be able to keep your losses under control and you’ll be able to squeeze a much bigger long-term bang out of your overall bankroll. Know your slot. While gaining a knowledge of the subtle workings of the game won’t do much to help you odds-wise, it will definitely make it all more enjoyable for you and isn’t that what your primary goal should be? Knowing the game will also help you size your bets correctly. You do not want to hit a nice jackpot, only to find out that you were betting less than needed and you’ll only take home a couple of hundred smackers instead of the whole nine yards. Quite possibly the most important recommendation that a slots veteran can give anyone is to just take the money and run in case of a win. The short term variance may well work in favor of some players, and dragging things out will always only favor the casino.

The house edge which is mathematically built into every single game needs time to make its effects felt, so with every new bet that you place and every new pull of the lever (virtual or otherwise) you give the casino an added opportunity to win the money back. Setting yourself a maximum number of losing spins is also recommended by some experts. Don’t delude yourself though, this strategy is merely aimed at controlling your losses and not at actually turning things around for you. If you lose say 50 spins in a row at a machine, you may want to stop playing and head on over to another machine that may reward you better.

This is extremely easy to pull off in an online casino: all it takes is a couple of mouse-clicks. At the end of the day, the most important rule concerning slots gambling is to just relax and have fun. View the game as entertainment for which you’re willing to pay and which offers you the chance to win some money too. Don’t ever count on any profits though, you’re bound to leave disappointed. Poker rakeback deals like the Unibet rakeback or the Minted Poker rakeback offer online poker players some pretty awesome extra value one should never miss out on.


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